5028 strip light

5028 strip lights the new cutting-edge technology in the lighting industry.

Industry experts are now predicting this strip light to completely replace all other types of commercial lighting in the very near future. Just two years ago, the 5028strip light was nothing but an idea.

This innovative strip light has an even more brilliant light than other commercial styles, lasting 5 times longer than typical strip lights, and it’s easy to install.

A flex silicon lighting bar that can be attached to a wall, ceiling, or anywhere you decide to place it. It is flexible and bendable and comes with lights already built-in so it brightens up your room.

Strip lights typically last for 4000 hours before burning out. 5028 strip lights last for 15000 hours, 5 times longer.

Whether in a strip mall or a high-end boutique, the 5028 strip light is going to be a huge hit. The 5028 strip light is the new and improved version of the widely popular 5028 strip light. This new and improved version added a few more feet of cord and an additional 2 ten-watt LED bulbs.

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Specifications of NEON 5028 Strip Light:

Characteristics Value
Color Available
2400-8000K, Blue, Dream Color, Green, Red, RGB
Illumination Angle
Input Voltage
12V, 24V
LED Q'ty /Meter
Light Length /Roll
Light Width Size
180LM/M, 360LM/M
Max Power /Meter
Min cuttable Length
Model No
PCB Width Available
12MM, 20MM
LED Type
2 years
Working temperature
-20℃ ~ +45℃

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