Warranty Policy

During the warranty period, if any problem, we will make every effort to provide you with satisfactory services. To ensure you receive your full product warranty benefits, please read the following parts carefully:

Warranty Period:
The warranty period for master device is 12-36 months (1-3 year) from the date of delivery.

Warranty Range:
All products are sold by Besen.In warranty period, all of the defective products must be returned to the factory to be repaired or be replaced.

Warranty policies are as follows:
For failures caused by using process, we will follow the manufacturing procedures to carry out thorough cleaning, testing, calibration, repair and restore to factory parameters;? The repairing time for warranty period products depends on the extent of products’ damage. The maintenance period is a goal not a promise and certain special products may not apply to this maintenance period.? For the products which need to be replaced within the warranty period, Besen will replace them with products which have the same specifications, and the replacing products have same rights as the original products;

The warranty range doesn’t include the following:
The cost of the wearing parts is not covered in the warranty; ? Do not repair failures caused by physical damage, improper operation, unauthorized changes to the product, or attempt to repair, lightning or other natural or manmade disasters.

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