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F3Slic3r Software

F3slic3r leverages the best of the open source world, combined with Fusion3’s deep expertise, to deliver a powerful, convenient slicer for our customers.

Download the latest F3slic3r installer here

F3slic3r is Open Source

F3slic3r is based on the excellent work by Prusa Research (Prusaslicer) and Slic3r dev teams.  Our customers can now leverage the extensive features and rapid development pace of open source with their Fusion3 3D printers.

F3slic3r is Free

F3slic3r does not require a license key or activation to use.  You can install it on as many computers as you like without restriction.  This makes it ideal for situations where many people use one printer, such as a classroom.

All Materials Still Supported

F3slic3r has profiles built in for all Fusion3 materials.  Simply refer to our Certified Materials List to find which profile to use for your material.

F3slic3r is Easy to Use

View our introduction video for installing & using the F3slic3r.

F3slic3r is Powerful

  • Hundreds of settings
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Best-in-class support generation