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About Us

Fusion3: USA-Made Commercial-Grade 3D Printers


Founded in 2012, Fusion3 has consistently focused on delivering high performance, USA-made 3D printers for B2B business users. Our belief is that businesses – both large and small – have needs that are poorly met by low cost, hobbyist 3D printers and also by expensive, overly complex industrial systems. 

As one of the first manufacturers to pioneer the creation of 3D printers for B2B business use, Fusion3 is ideally positioned to deliver not only the right 3D printers for your application, but we have the expertise to ensure your organization is successful in integrating 3D printing into your mission. We are 3D printer experts and will work with you to find a solution that best fits your unique needs. 

Who We Serve

Our products are powerful, robust general-purpose 3D printers that are used in a variety of industries. Our customers operate in industries including:


Made in USA 3D Printers

Fusion3 proudly manufactures our products in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. We believe that keeping all aspects of our operations – sales, customer support, manufacturing, and product development – under one roof drives innovation, improves product quality, and delivers the best customer experience possible. In today’s global environment, having our key suppliers nearby enables us to continue to serve our customers with minimal supply chain interruptions.

Do you know the manufacturing locations for each of these 3D printer manufacturers?

Raise3D China
Ultimaker Netherlands
Makerbot China
Zortrax Poland

Industry-Leading Customer Support

3D printing is a complex technology that is sensitive to having the right workflows. Thanks to our extensive experience and partnership with our customers over the years, we’re well-versed in ensuring you have the tools (literal and metaphysical) to successfully integrate 3D printing into your business.

Quality products and long lasting customer relationships are our priority. A key part of our process is our in-house, USA-based customer support team. Our support technicians are drawn from our manufacturing team, so they know our products and technology inside and out.

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Where is Fusion3 based?

Fusion3 is based in the US in Greensboro, North Carolina. All of our production takes place in North Carolina and we are proud to produce some of the best USA made 3D printers.

What 3D printers are made in the USA?

If buying a USA-made 3D printer is important to you, you should make sure the 3D company you are evaluating manufactures in the US. While many 3D printer companies have corporate offices based in the US, they often outsource their manufacturing to other countries. At Fusion3, we are proud to not only have our office located in the USA, but also our manufacturing in the USA.