5050 strip light

5050 strip lights the new cutting-edge technology in the lighting industry.

Industry experts are now predicting this strip light to completely replace all other types of commercial lighting in the very near future. Just two years ago, the 5050 strip light was nothing but an idea.

This innovative strip light has an even more brilliant light than other commercial styles, lasting 5 times longer than typical strip lights, and it’s easy to install.

A flex silicon lighting bar that can be attached to a wall, ceiling, or anywhere you decide to place it. It is flexible and bendable and comes with lights already built-in so it brightens up your room.

Strip lights typically last for 4000 hours before burning out. 5050 strip lights last for 15000 hours, 5 times longer.

Whether in a strip mall or a high-end boutique, the 5050 strip light is going to be a huge hit. The 5050 strip light is the new and improved version of the widely popular 5050 strip light. This new and improved version added a few more feet of cord and an additional 2 ten-watt LED bulbs.

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About 5050 Strip Light

  • Ultra-high Brightness: Other strips have only 30 LEDs per meter instead of 96 LEDs in Besen LED Strip Lights. Besen lights can instantly brighten up space since they produce considerably more light than others


  • Upgraded RGB TV Light Strip: This version of RGB LED strip lights had a length of 6.56 feet to extend to 8.2 feet to fit 32-58 inch TVs, and it generated brighter light because of the more significant number of high-bright SMD 5050 LEDs used, which would provide brilliant light in every corner to illuminate the tv rear.


  • Upgraded RGB Music Sync Light Strip: The lights strip has a smart music mode, a customizable microphone, and different colors of light changing with the beat of the music and sound, generating romance, relaxation, mystical ambiance for your party
  • Thinner Design: Besen LED Strip Lights are 10mm wide, 1/3 thinner than other strip lights. They are also flexible, so you can install them in hard-to-reach areas without worrying about the lights being torn or damaged.


  • DIY Function: The LED lights are exceptionally colorful and sturdy for it’s high-quality LED chips. BESEN DIY Thinner LED Strip Lights come with 45-key infrared remote control, allowing you to turn them on and off, adjust brightness, and switch between 16 different colors. The primary Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) hues are provided by the LED Strip Lights and white and 16 multi-colored choices. This enables you to create a party atmosphere at any time by simply pressing a button!
  • Environmentally friendly: It’s entirely safe for people and the environment. It’s also low-cost, energy-efficient, reliable, simple to install, and free of radiation or flicker. The strip offers heat dissipation due to the FPC circuit board and LEDs, making it long-lasting.


  • Safe Lighting: The USB light strip with a single-sided PCB is highly flexible and difficult to break. The self-adhesive backing tape will stick securely. There’s no need for assembly. BESEN LED Strip Lights have passed the standard of ROHS, CE, and FCC, so they are safe for various applications in household or business use. Just plug the lights in and enjoy.

Specifications of 5050 Strip Light:

Characteristics Value
Color Available
2400-8000K, Blue, Dream Color, Green, Red, RGB
Illumination Angle
Input Voltage
12V, 24V
LED Q'ty /Meter
Light Length /Roll
Light Width Size
180LM/M, 360LM/M
Max Power /Meter
Min cuttable Length
Model No
PCB Width Available
12MM, 20MM
LED Type
2 years
Working temperature
-20℃ ~ +45℃

Features which take Besen's 5050 strip to next level

Color Changing:

Take your house into another level of fabulousness with 16 solid colors you can choose from to set the right mood for any occasion!

Home Decoration:

Transform your living space with vivid colors and create a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Microphone mode:

The strip lights will alter color based on what you say. If you yell the lights will turn red. If you say something quietly, it will change to a lower color.

Strong Sticky Tape:

The LED strip lights are easy to install. Simply peel off the self-adhesive backing and stick to the back of the TV, furniture, cabinets, shelves, etc. No wires or tools are needed!

TV Backlight:

Light up your TV and create a spectacular atmosphere with these LED strip lights. They also make the text on the screen easier to see in the dark.

Party Decorations:

Enhance any party or celebration with stunning light effects instantly! The lights are great for parties, home theaters, restaurants, weddings, events, and so on.

Power Supply:

The operating voltage for these strip lights is only 12V, which creates little heat.

DIY Function:

LED Strip Lights can be cut every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks. You can adjust each light strip relaxedly anywhere

Strong Adhesive:

With strong adhesive at the back, the LED strip lights can firmly stick to TVs or any other smooth surfaces without leaving residues.

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